What is Lumira® aerogel?

lumira crystalsLumira aerogel, formerly Nanogel aerogel, is a clear, insulating gel made from dry silica particulates that provides large amounts of light transmittance. Lumira aerogel is used to fill polycarbonate sheets for specific applications to increase thermal ratings, disperse light, and reduce sound transmission.

Sometimes called “frozen smoke”, aerogel is the lightest and best insulating solid in the world. Lumira aerogel, Cabot’s branded aerogel, is a hydrophobic aerogel produced as particles. Each particle consists largely of air, greater than 90 percent, contained in a structure with pore sizes less than the mean free path of air molecules, which severely inhibits heat transfer through the material. Cabot produces Lumira aerogel in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located near Frankfurt, Germany where it began commercial production in 2003. For more information about Lumira aerogel please visit www.cabotaerogel.com

Lumira aerogel creates an R-value of 6.3 for a 25mm, 3 wall polycarbonate unit, compared to an R-value of 2.9 for an unfilled unit. Light transmittance values range from 65% for a 10mm sheet of polycarbonate to 50% for a 25mm sheet of polycarbonate.

Lumira aerogel particles are safe to be around because they do not harbor mold, moisture, mildew, or fungus, nor do they emit any odors. The particles are also UV-stable and will not deteriorate due to exposure from sunlight.

Lumira aerogel is a green product and a Silver Cradle to Cradle Certified material. If a panel filled with Lumira aerogel goes bad the panel can be reused and refilled.