Polycarbonate Skylights

Skylights are an excellent choice to provide natural daylighting and are available in operable configurations to provide ventilation as well. When visual clarity is not a factor, polycarbonate glazing is a practical choice.

Polycarbonate skylights can be just as thermally efficient as their glass alternative, but the material’s light weight, allows for easier installation. Skylights with either manual or motorized operations also benefit from the weight reduction. Often times operable skylights with polycarbonate can be larger.

Concerns surrounding overhead impact and/or breakage are almost eliminated when using polycarbonate. When the visual aesthetic provided by glass is not a concern, the cost effective nature of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s polycarbonate skylights, coupled with their durability, make them a logical choice.


polycarbonate skylight used in ecclesiastical settingpolycarbonate skylight