Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Any greenhouse manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. to accommodate glass, can also be glazed with polycarbonate. From the most simplistic hobby greenhouse, to the most ornate decorative greenhouse, polycarbonate is a cost effective and acceptable glazing solution.

For gardeners seeking a cost effective method of growing their plants inside an insulated greenhouse, polycarbonate glazing is an effective choice. Because of polycarbonate’s lighter weight, less costly framing can be used, as opposed to framing that must be engineered to hold the weight of glass.

Depending upon climate, greenhouse accessories may be needed. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s recommendations based on location can be found here.

Greenhouses that may fall victim to the impacts of falling trees or branches or thrown stones from mowers, are protected, as polycarbonate is highly impact resistant. Polycarbonate possesses the resistance necessary to withstand significant impacts and be left with minimal lasting effects. The installation of a polycarbonate greenhouse is often much easier due to the material’s lighter weight.

There are numerous polycarbonate options, so gardeners can select the type that will provide their plants with the most suitable growing environment. Each type of polycarbonate performs differently with respect to the amount of light transmission, solar heat gain, and thermal conductivity. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse experts will help you select the polycarbonate variety that best suits the location and type of plants you wish to grow. Polycarbonate can also feature a drip-resistant coating that prevents water condensation from continuously forming droplets and raining down on occupants heads in greenhouse environments.

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